About Riviera Nayarit/Puerto Vallarta

What should I bring with me?
Remember, May in the Mexican Pacific will be hot during day and cooler in the evening.  We suggest bringing: bathing suits, shorts, tank tops/light t-shirts, sundresses, sandals, sneakers, something for the wedding, sun tan lotion, sunglasses, digital camera, battery charger or special batteries, bug spray, toiletries, a pashmina or light jacket in the evenings.

What is the appropriate attire?
We’ll be at a beach resort so attire is casual.  For the wedding events, please see below for descriptions:

Thursday Night Welcome Party: “Casual”.  He should wear: Dress pants, khakis, or linen pants with a button-down shirt or polo. She should wear: A sundress or a skirt or pants with a blouse

Saturday Night Wedding: “Beach Formal”. He should wear: A summer suit or khakis/slacks with a dress shirt or barong. She should wear: A summer sundress.

Can I drink the water in the Mexico?
It’s recommended to drink bottled water, and the resorts will supply them in rooms.

Do they accept USD money and traveler’s checks?
US Dollars are welcome in any of the tourist areas.  It’s not recommended to use USD Traveler’s checks.

Will my ATM or Credit card work in Mexico? Will my cell phone work?
Yes, ATM and Credit Cards will work.  Cell phones do work, but extra charges apply for roaming. WiFi is also available for a small fee.

Do I tip at restaurants? Tip the Maid?
Not generally. Of course, if you get great service a little extra is always appreciated (trust us, you will GLADLY tip a little extra for the amazing service and I’m sure our friends won’t have any problems with that!)

Do I need a car inside Grand Velas Complex?
No, it’s not necessary. Any excursions you take will include transportation. Additionally, cabs are cheap and readily available if you want to venture into downtown Puerto Vallarta.

I don’t speak spanish, how will I get around?
Almost everyone in tourist areas speaks English. If not they know someone near who can help you or can understand you.

Spanish words to learn:

  • Uno mas cerveza por favor – one more beer please
  • Por favor – please
  • Gracias – thank you
  • Hola – hi
  • Donde esta ???– where is ?
  • Taxi – taxi
  • Parada de bus – bus stop
  • Baño – bathroom
  • Hotel – pronounced “otel” – hotel

Do I have to carry my passport with me?
No, please don’t. Bring a photocopy and keep the original in the hotel safe or in your hotel room. You only need your passport at the airport and to exchange traveler checks (if used).

Can I enter the country with my birth certificate and driver’s license?
No, you absolutely must have a passport.  If you don’t have a passport, we recommend you get it out of the way and apply for one asap!  Who knows?  After our wedding you might get bitten by the travel bug and want to travel elsewhere…just be sure to invite us on your adventures 😉  If you do have a passport, double-check that it won’t be expired by May 2014.  For any passport related questions, click on the link below:


Do they accept Mastercard or American Express credit cards?
Yes, same rules as the US.

Is Riviera Nayarit/Puerto Vallarta safe?
Riviera Nayarit/Puerto Vallarta is like all places in the world, there is petty theft and crime. Remember, you are coming to a third world country. If you use common sense, you should be fine. 100% of the time: leave valuables in the hotel room or safe, don’t leave bags unattended, don’t expose large amounts of cash in public.  Riviera Nayarit/Puerto Vallarta is a very casual area and there is no need to bring expensive jewelry, bling, handbags, or clothing. Passports and credit cards are not needed on the beach. You will be inside the resort where it is 100% safe.

How much is the USD dollar worth to the MXN (Mexican Peso)?
$1 US Dollar = $12 Mexican Pesos.

How will I pay for my food and drinks while at the resort?
You won’t — it’s ALL INCLUSIVE!!!  So knock yourself out and order that extra helping of escargot, lobster or lamb chops.  Also, don’t be shy to order that Johnny Walker Black, Grey Goose martini, or shot of Don Julio because all of the all-inclusive alcohol is TOP SHELF.