Much like Nick Fury gathered a team of superhumans to form The Avengers, I have scoured the earth and searched high and low to assemble this “unique” cast of characters.  Whether it was preventing me from getting arrested, discouraging me from taking off my clothes in public, supporting me in all my crazy and far-fetched dreams/antics, or being a sounding board when I needed it most — this “Terrible Twelve” has been there for me every single time I’ve called on them.  They’ve each taught me in their own special way what it means to be a friend, and I’d like to think that I’m a better man for it.  Oh, and they can all party like nobody’s business. Riviera Nayarit has NO idea what’s about to hit them…cheers boys!

Eddie Abrantes
Eddie “T-2000” Abrantes
[Best Man]

Tony Collins
Tony “Ginuwine” Collins

Jerry Garcia
Jerry “El Capitan” Garcia

Jeremy Gifford
Jeremy “Caveman” Gifford

Ramir Magbanua
Ramir “Meathead” Magbanua

Rob Shipp
Rob “Holy” Shipp

Reynaldo Pagtakhan
Reynaldo “Casper” Pagtakhan
[Best Man]

Adam Crain
Adam “Broface” Crain

Jeremy Gatbonton
Jeremy “B.I.L.” Gatbonton

Jeff Lentini
Jeff “Pepperoni” Lentini

Edwin Pagtakhan
Edwin “Edwiener” Pagtakhan

Burton Tu
Burton “Brochinesebroccoli” Tu