Johnnie Walker Black Grey Goose Don Julio Blanco

Just kidding… The real sponsors are as follows:

Principal Sponsors (aka Ninang and Ninong)

These Aunties and Uncles we have selected are close friends of our families, that have watched us grow up through the years. We respect & admire their marriages, and hope to model after them. Their participation is symbolic of the wisdom & support they shall offer us as a new couple.

  • Mr. Paul and the late Mrs.Vida Bathan
  •  Mr. Emmanuel  and Mrs. Nancy Dimaano
  • Mr. Ed and Mrs. Blesilda Hayag
  • Mr. Raynaldo and and Mrs. Leonida Legaspi
  • Mr. Ed and Mrs. Elsie Galit
  • Ms. Teresita L. Reyes
  • Mr. Ben Austria

Secondary Sponsors:

To honor our Filipino heritage, we have chosen to incorporate the coin, veil, and cord traditions customarily witnessed at a Filipino wedding ceremony.   

Coins =  life full of faithfullness and prosperity
Veil   =   clothed as one for good health and protection
Cord  =   lifelong bond; everlasting promise of fidelity

We have chosen some of our dearest friends who have been there through different stages of our relationship. With their constant care for us as a couple and the welfare of our future, it is our honor to have them participate in uniting us as one.

  • Coin Sponsors: Mr. Dennis and Mrs. Mae Diawatan
  • Veil Sponsors: Ms. Melissa Jao and Mr. Pech Nak
    Melissa-Jao Pech-Nak
  • Cord Sponsors: Ms. Cynthia Montilla and Mr. Christopher Brashers
    Cynde-Montilla Christopher-Brashers